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Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides

CAA Level 1 cancelled

The CAA has decided once and for all to cancel all foreign offerings of ITP courses for 2021.

The main reason is health risk and legal liability concern for travelling instructors due to Covid. We are currently discussing a long-term curricular access contract with them but were unable to make it happen for this winter.

Thank you for your interest and patience, we will continue to work on this for 2022.

I have been reluctant to call this off until now but the CAA has decided once and for all to cancel all foreign offerings of ITP courses for 2021.

Please find their letter attached below.

All the best,
Robert Thor

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your continued interest in offering Avalanche Operations Level 1 courses in Iceland. We understand the pressure to deliver a course this spring, having cancelled the April 2020 course. Unfortunately, due to liability concerns with international travel, we are unable to support an ITP Avalanche Operations Level 1 course in Iceland this year. We cancelled all other international courses as well as Quebec courses this year for the same reason.

Joe and I discussed a licensing agreement. We would not consider a modified short-term licensing agreement and are not able to put a full agreement in place in the short timeline for spring 2021. The primary mandate of the Industry Training Program is to offer a full range of training and continuing professional development courses with technical/vocational content, to meet the evolving needs of Canadian avalanche operators and their employees. Currently, delivering courses in BC and Alberta is consuming all our resources. The global pandemic has impacted the Industry Training Program and our industry significantly.

We would be happy to start discussing a long-term licensing agreement this spring/summer once we have more capacity.

We are optimistic that by spring 2022 international travel will be an option and would be happy to coordinate a course in Iceland April 2022.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Joe Obad, CAA Executive Director
Andrea Lustenberger, ITP Manager